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Still undecided about getting your windows tinted?

Here are six benefits of window tinting that keep keep you, your passengers and your car safe and secure - Book with Tint U to get your windows tinted today.

1. Window tints keep you and your passengers comfortable

Professionally installed window tints reduce glare from the sun and other bright lights. Have you ever been on a journey where you spend so much time squinting that you’ve got a headache by the time you get to your destination? Or worse, one where your child in the rear seat gets upset every time you turn a corner and the sun shines in their eyes? Installing dark film in the rear of your car is a great way to protect your passenger’s eyes and make everyone’s journey a little bit more pleasant.

2. Window tints protect you in the event of an accident

A professional installation of window film on your car can stop glass from shattering on impact. If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in an accident (or even if you get hit by a flying stone) you and your passengers are protected from shards of flying glass that can cause serious injury. An added bonus is that window tinting also makes it harder for criminals to break through glass and steal your belongings.

3. Window tints provide security for your valuables

On that note, dark window tint provides a level of privacy for all the items you and your passengers might leave in the vehicle when parked, meaning you can enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that prying eyes can’t see your valuables.

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4. Window tints protect your car's upholstery

Let’s face it… cars aren’t cheap these days, and you want yours to stay looking good for as long as possible. A professional window tint installation is a great way to protect your cars interior. How? Window film blocks the sun’s rays that can otherwise fade cloth upholstery and crack leather, helping to keep your car looking newer for longer.

5. Window tints block the sun’s UV rays

Your upholstery isn’t the only thing tinted windows protect – you’re protected too. Window tint can block as much as 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. That’s the same radiation that causes ageing ageing of the skin and even skin cancer. Around three-quarters of certain types of skin cancer are found on the driver’s side of the body – for people who spend a lot of time driving, tinted windows can provide some protection against this risk.

6. Window tints keep your car cool

And not just looking cool… On those rare days of sunshine we get here in Northern Ireland, you might struggle to maintain a cool temperature for you and your passengers. Did you know that window tinting can help keep the temperature down? The darker the film, the more light gets blocked, but good window film can block between 35 and 65% of the solar heat that builds up in your car. You can even save fuel consumption from air conditioning overuse.

See, the benefits of having your windows tinted by Tint U are much more than simply improving the look of your car (though it is going to look pretty amazing too).

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